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Explore MBA Chai Wala’s Masaledar coverage along with your Garma- Garam cup of Chai brought to you by giant media houses like BRUT, BBC, TOI, TEDx, Josh Talks, ScoopWhoop & more.

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You might know me as an MBA dropout who fought all the odds to become a CHAI-PRENEUR who created one of the most influential Chai-Franchises in the world. - The journey wasn’t easy, but if I can do it, so can you! Join me on my mission to serve Garma-Garam Chai across the globe by opening a franchise today!

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Both Chai & MBA Chai Wala cares for you; while you care for others.
Need support regarding health care, business, overcoming social issues, fight against
climate change, civil rights, fight against gender inequality, and more?

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We will be coming to your city soon but till then if you want to savour heartwarming MBA Chai Wala Tea then you can order in our pre-packaged tea leaves or tea bags. Drop in your details to join MBA Chai Wala Tea tasting squad.

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